Fall Tour Tape '13

by Katahajime

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Katahajime is: Doug/Eric/Luis/Zack

Tracks 1-2 recorded and mixed by Big Man
Track 3 recorded by Chase Pearsall and Louis Dasher
and mixed by Chase Pearsall


released November 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Katahajime Allentown, Pennsylvania

Atmospheric blackened crust from the hills of PA.

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Track Name: The Torch of Despair Burns Bright Through Nights of Desolation
Enslaved in Desolation, reflection’s all i see
Fragments of the past and what used to be
Collapsing und er the weight of countless days
gone by the torch of life extinguished, despair burns bright

brighter and brighter as the end grows nigh
i’m living in this misery called life
I have nothing left as i self destruct
you’ve forsaken me, i’m dead to myself

the regression leads to the suffering
i see no salvation, as i look to the sky
I see no liberation from my desolate life
i see no future as look to the sky
i see no freedom from the chains that bind
i see no salvation as i look to the sky
i see no liberation from my desolate life
i see no future, as i gaze at the night sky
my skin is a tomb
and i’m buried alive
Track Name: Whispers of a Fading Existence
born into misery, suffering.
eternally, internally. stranded
cursed to serve time on this earth
born into torment
a fading existence i lead
wading through darkness
from the shadows
haunting, echoing screams
the freedom of death grows near
bearing it’s plagues, clenching it’s cold embrace
reduced to nothing, a hollowed out shell of fallen hopes
and ashes of dreams unfulfilled
cursed existence
haunted by my ghost
erase my existence
haunted by my ghost
the screams shall soon be silenced
the haunted shall fall to their knees
the mournful wails will soon be brought to peace
the vessels will open
the blood will fall to the floor
the darkness will feed
finally free
Track Name: A Bouquet of Rotting Flowers Lining the Mass Graves of Humanity (Live on WXLV)
Humanity Falls as Society Fails
To make progress we only regress
We’re a selfish, disgusting, ignorant breed
Standing silent as they feed on our
ignorance, apathy, insecurities
Fucking our brains, telling us what we need
My hope grows dim as humanity decays,
Sinking lower, day after day.

Suffocatiing under life’s firm grasp,
I try to escape yet i cling to the past
As i struggle i drown in a sea of shit
surrounded by a fortress i’ve created
a fortress built out of hate and disgust
Sorrow and turmoil, pain and distrust
Wasting away i become nothing
Wasting away, we all turn to dust

Wasting away, becoming nothing
Self termination, extermination
Wasting away, becoming nothing
Voluntary extinction, annihilation

Wasted Space in a barren world.
I’m becoming Numb.