by Katahajime

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Recorded and mastered at The Studios At Town Center by Jason Puleio and Mikey George December 2012/January/March 2013.

Katahajime on this recording is Eric, Doug, and Luis.

Guest vocals by Matthew "Mappy" James Twardzik on tracks III and VI.

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released April 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Katahajime Allentown, Pennsylvania

Atmospheric blackened crust from the hills of PA.

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Track Name: Planetary Entombment
A deafening screech, pierces the sky
sonic doom, galactic funeral
lost in the stars, ripped apart
reduced to spores, erased by the sun
crushed by the pressure, torn apart limb by limb
gasping for air, entombed in space.
Track Name: Struggle
I struggle everyday of my life. You don't know a thing about me.
I struggle everyday and slowly waste away. My depression destroys me.
No more ambition, no more desire, no more hope.
My scars will never heal.
No more anguish, no more defeat, no more failures.
Don't tell me how to feel.
Track Name: A Bouquet Of Rotting Flowers Lining The Mass Graves Of Humanity
Humanity falls as society fails to make progress, we only regress
We're a selfish, disgusting, ignorant breed
Standing silent as they feed on our ignorance, apathy, insecurities.
Fucking our brains, telling us what we need
My hope grows dim as humanity decays, sinking lower, day after day.

Suffocating under life's firm grasp,
I try to escape yet i cling to the past.
As i struggle i drown in a sea of shit
surrounded by a fortress I've created
A fortress built out of hate and disgust
Sorrow and turmoil, pain and distrust.
Wasting away, I become nothing
Wasting away, we all turn to dust.

Wasting away, becoming nothing.
Self termination, extermination.
Wasting away, becoming nothing.
Voluntary extinction, annihilation.

Wasted space in a barren world.
I'm becoming numb.
Track Name: Destroyed By Ourselves
Hatred, despair, suffer
Human, existence, false hope
Widespread, ignorance, failure
Loss of, a future, in life
We slowly decay everyday
And as we crawl through the dust, the earth falls apart
The sky turns to black as the buildings fall in
The water turns red from the blood of our kin
The end of our time is finally here
The universe becomes free as the Earth disappears
Destroyed by ourselves, the end is finally here
Freed from our cells
Track Name: Buried Under The Waves Of Discontent
Ships on the horizon, the black flag flies
Bombs Away! To a watery grave
The ship will wreck, the empire will fall
Buried by waves, buried at sea
The spirit of the hydra will haunt the seas forever
Track Name: Night Terrors On The Eve Of The Winter Solstice
Daylight fades, the sky turns to black
A powerful frost is stricken
The cold air grows still as the sun's laid to rest
A chill enslaves the night
Darkness is coming, it soon will be here
Nightfall is on it's way
This is the eve of the solstice
Unleashing the terrors of the night
The blackest of blacks will swallow the sky
Engulfing the stars and the moon
Celestial abyss, a nocturnal winter kingdom
Descend from the stars and the pitch black sky
A radiant moon rises
This is the eve of the solstice
Unleashing the terrors of the night
Night growing darker
Plagued by memories
Shadowed by regret
Haunted by nightmares
My lungs have hardened
I cannot breath in a world so cold
Frozen night, frozen lungs
Forever dark, forever numb
Night growing darker
Plagued by memories
Shadowed by regret
Haunted by nightmares